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     With a history extending back well over a century Wilkinson & Schumacher Law Prof LLC has proudly served the needs of our customers. Our firm is a full-service law firm located in De Smet South Dakota and was founded on dedication, ethics, morals, hard work and putting our clients first. The firm has an experience and expertise in agricultural law, business law, family law, estate planning, probate and estate proceedings, and municipalities. We are proud to be counsel for many of the areas Cities municipalities, school districts, local companies and cooperatives, farming operations, and family businesses. We have proudly represented these governmental entities, businesses, farms, and families for many decades.

​     Beginning with William Warren, the earliest predecessor of the law firm who began the practice prior to 1900. Through the years the firm has maintained its continued existence for over 120 years.


     William Warren was joined by William Warren Jr. for a period of years. 

     Harry Eggen, a long time De Smet resident, joined the firm which was then became known as the Warren & Eggen Law Firm until Mr. Eggen’s death in 1969. In 1952 Ellsworth Wilkinson, a native from Lennox, South Dakota, relocated to De Smet and joined the firm with Harry Eggen and continued his 50 plus year legal practice until his death in 2005. In 1972 Rodney Steele joined Ellsworth Wilkinson and continued with the firm until his appointment as a Circuit Court Judge in 1987.

​     Todd Wilkinson joined his father Ellsworth Wilkinson and Rodney Steele in 1984. The firm constructed the present office building at 103 Joliet Ave directly across the street from the historical Kingsbury County Courthouse.

     Marcene Smith, a rural Carthage South Dakota native, joined the firm in 1988 and Gary Schumacher, a rural Ipswich South Dakota native, joined the firm in 1998.

​    Today Wilkinson & Schumacher has maintained a long legacy of serving the needs of clients across South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. With over 90 years of legal experience the firm is here to serve our customer’s needs. Our attorneys have an excellent reputation for their community service, with attorneys serving on multiple charitable and development organizations. With a strong commitment to our clients our firm looks forward to continuing to serve the legal needs for another century. 

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