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     Our staff has multiple decades of experience in representing individuals on a variety of issues that we all encounter throughout the course of life. 

     When it comes to divorce and family law matters our experienced attorneys understand that family law issues can be tough, complex, and controversial. Our office has an experienced attorney who is currently a child support referee.  

      With a wealth of experience and knowledge our attorneys can help you navigate through those tough times and will be a strong advocate for you and your family's outcome. Our office handles:

            * Divorce, both contested and uncontested 

            * Mediation 

            * Child Custody 

            * Visitation 

            * Modifications 

            * Child Support

            * Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

            * Adoption & Name Changes

            * Grandparent's Rights

            * Legal Separation 

            * Parental Alienation 


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