Our office deals in great depth with real estate transactions. Our real estate attorneys have vast knowledge and experience to help assist clients with a multitude of real estate transactions including:

  •  Lease Agreements

  • Contract for Deeds

  • Purchase Agreements

  • 1031 Deferred Exchanges

  • Real Estate Closings

  • Real Estate sales including business, restaurant, industrial, apartment complexes, multifamily properties, houses, storage units, farmland, undeveloped land.

  • Sealed Bid Land Auctions

  • Sealed Bid Lease 

  • Development

  • Ordering & reviewing title insurance

  • Negotiating land transaction

  • Preparing and Recording Deeds

  • First Right of Refusals

  • FSA Closings

  • Litigation and Disputes 

    Our attorneys know and understand that buying and selling your home, business, farmland, and property can be an exciting but yet a nerve racking event. Our office has years of experience and knowledge in real estate transactions to help walk you through the process and make the experience smooth. 

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