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     The passing of a loved one is a hard and difficult time in life. Our experienced attorneys are here to help assist you in navigating  through the next steps after a loved one has passed. After a loved one passes family dynamics can arise and the administration of assets can be complex and extensive. 

     Being appointed as Personal Representative and/or Trustee is a large role with many responsibilities. Our office focuses on helping you in those capacities and taking some of the burden off your shoulders along with protecting you in that capacity from liabilities. 

      Our attorneys and staff are here to assist clients:

             * Informal Probate

             * Formal Probate

             * Intestate Probate Proceedings

             * Testate Probate Proceedings

             * Estate Administration

             * Contested Probates

             * Ancillary Probate, (probate commenced in a different state with SD property)

             * Trust Administration

             * Dealing with Creditors

             * Trust Litigation 

             * Insurance Claims

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